Past Projects

A 17th Century Cottage

This cottage was in a poor state of repair as the main roof was leaking and the roof on an adjoining cottage had collapsed. After the main roof was fixed, we then re-plastered and re-pointed using lime. Although some of the rooms, due to extensive water damage had to be completely stripped back to the bricks and re-plastered others were just patched up ready for decorating. We then decorated using traditional paints including soft and casein distempers. We also hand painted the kitchen and the built in furniture.

17th Century Cottage Restoration FE Stacey & CoRestoration and Fine Painting FE Stacey & Co

Restoration of a 17th Century Merchant’s House, Marlborough

It was a great privilege to be asked to work on this historic silk Merchant's house open to the public in the Wiltshire market town of Marlborough. Working closely with the trustees of the merchant’s house and an historical paint researcher Fran Stacey was asked to recreate this unusual paint scheme. It was copied from the faint seventeenth century original pattern that was found elsewhere in the room. The pattern is a sophisticated design with alternating stripes with and without a central black line. The Frieze has a series of short and narrower stripes. Stencils were cut to match and the colours were matched to the original scheme.

Restoration of Merchant's House Marlborough

Fran Stacey working at the Merchant's House in Marlborough.

A Georgian House in Wiltshire

This grand country house dates back to the 18th century.
Fran Stacey was asked to decorate the whole house and re plaster and patch where the substrates had failed. The house was painted throughout using Rose of Jericho paints.

Restoration Georgian House FE Stacey & Co

Georgian House Restoration
In one of the rooms there was a lot of build-up of old flaky paint around one of the fireplaces and panelling. The fireplace was stripped to reveal the fine details and then re-painted. We restored the fireplace surround and panelling finishing both off with an antique glaze to pick up the fine detailing.

Restoration by FE Stacey & Co

House RestorationWe carried out the restoration of the mahogany banister where some of the mahogany veneer had lifted or was missing. It was then French polished. We also re-polished the pine and oak floors which at some stage had had a dark modern wax applied.

Specialist painters FE Stacey & Co

The customer wanted the pillars in the hallway to be marbled. We provided samples to the customer, and they decided that they wanted us to paint the bolection fireplace and pillars in the main entrance to the house to simulate a statutory white Carrara and red Lavento marble.

Lime Harling at Tetbury

We were asked to patch and repair a lime harling render that had failed. This is our report with pictures.

Lime Harling by FE Stacey and CoHarling means to harl or throw. Lime Harling was traditionally thrown by hand, you can tell this by the diagonal and vertical lines that hand casting creates.

Lime Harling is an excellent lime finish for weather protection of buildings adding an extra layer of protection which is why its more commonly found in Scotland. Like all traditional lime mortars lime harling is a permeable finish that allows moisture to escape.

It is mostly found in Vernacular Architecture, but sometimes in more significant buildings such as Tetbury Town hall Gloucestershire and Craigievar Castle in Aberdeenshire Scotland.

The order of works carried out at Spencer house cottage Tetbury.
• Sample of Mortar sent for Rose of Jericho to analyse for grade and type of sand to use and type of lime wash.
• Removal of failed substrates. About 75-78 m2.
• Backfilling and in some cases reinstating of stone work.
• Cross sticking Sections of the wall were necessary to prevent further movement.
• Daubing out.
• Straightening coat.
• Harling coat.
• Casein lime wash finish.

A Tudor Courthouse

We were asked to restore this lovely picturesque Tudor house. It had been painted in sand text and had rotting laths and damaged cob walls due to inappropriate cement and paint being used.

FE stacey and Co Restoration, Lime Work and Fine Painting

The first stage was to dry scrape all of the old textured sand text paint off. We then were able to asses the substrates on the building. We carried out the cob repairs using the same mix that we dug up locally and used willow that we found growing near the house at the local stream.

All the rotten lath was replaced with new, lime rendering work was carried out to replace the concrete sections.

The house was then repainted using a tallow based lime wash supplied by the paint company Rose of Jericho.

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