Lime Work

We offer all aspects of lime work to our clients, both internal and external working with traditional finishes. We are specialists in lime plaster work from patching to installing replacement lathes and renders. We have often seen whole ceilings that have been taken down unnecessarily when some strengthening would have been sufficient. It is very important to get the mortar mix right for the particular type of period property. Before any work is started we take a mortar sample and we analyse and match this to ensure a perfect finish which is sympathetic to the building.

FE Stacey &Co Lime Work

Traditional properties need to "breathe" to allow moisture inherent in a solid wall construction to evaporate from the external stonework or render. We will cut out any damaged bricks and replace with a good match, which we will have sourced. Lime mortar is a permeable finish that allows moisture to escape, helping keep the building free of damp.

Inappropriate cement renders and finishes can cause long-term damage to buildings, sometimes causing structural collapse and damp issues.

FE Stacey Lime Work

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